Ordering service of process

How to serve documents nationwide in InfoTrack

InfoTrack users can order process serves in all 50 U.S. states, with or without a related court filing. Orders placed online in InfoTrack are fulfilled locally by experienced, vetted process servers who are versed in applicable statutes.

Starting your order

To start a stand-alone process serve order from the InfoTrack dashboard, click the Process Serving button at the bottom of the File & Serve column on the left.

On the next screen, click the Service of Process button on the top left.

Adding case information

If you're integrated with a case or document management software, the matter you launched from will already be filled in. If not, fill in the matter name and the rest of your case information to start the process serving workflow.

Adding recipient information

Next, you'll need to add information about your recipient(s), including any details about the service location that might help the server complete the serve. Check if you'd like to add a skip trace or advance a witness fee (additional fees apply).

If you'd like to add more details about the person being served, clicking the Show Additional Details link at the bottom right of the Special Instructions text box will launch additional descriptive fields.

To continue, scroll down and fill out the Primary Address section. If additional addresses are needed, click the Add address link in the bottom right corner.

Choosing your service level

Next, choose how quickly you need the document(s) to be served. 

The default option, Standard Service, will commence service attempts within three business days. If you need service to begin sooner, Rush Priority can effect same-day service if your order is placed by noon.

Adding and checking documents

Now, upload your document(s). 

If you're integrated with a case or practice management system, you'll be prompted to choose the document from the matter you're connected to. Otherwise, you can select a file from your computer. 

Once your document attaches, you can click the preview icon to check that it's the right one.

Payment and submission

If everything looks good, review the estimated fees. Note that any area surcharges for remote service locations are pre-calculated in your estimated total.

When you are satisfied, click Submit.

Reviewing your order

After you've submitted your stand-alone process serving order, the details you filled out will appear on the order confirmation page, along with an order status and job number, if applicable.

Lower on the page, you'll see a breakdown of any service attempts made along with the result. In this example, the first service attempt (lower arrow) was unsuccessful, but the second attempt (upper arrow) succeeded.

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