How to subscribe/unsubscribe to docket updates with DocketSync

Receive new case documents as soon as they are uploaded to the public docket


Note: DocketSync is currently available for cases in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and New York courts.

InfoTrack DocketSync is an optional service—available in select areas—that allows you to "subscribe" to any new documents that appear in the public docket. These documents then sync to the matter record in your practice or document management system automatically as soon as the court posts them.

A DocketSync subscription ensures you always have the most current information about the case in your primary legal software. It also saves you and your staff from having to repeatedly log into the court website to check for updates and manually download any new files. Users can also opt to receive daily email summaries of any new documents synced to the cases they are following. 

Subscribers typically pay a small monthly fee per case while the docket is being actively updated. If there are no updates to the case in a given month, the fee is automatically waived.

Starting a DocketSync subscription

Because DocketSync must link to a specific matter in order to send docket updates, it's best to launch DocketSync from your practice or document management system to ensure you are connected properly.

First, follow the normal process for launching an InfoTrack order from your primary legal software. (For instructions specific to your software, visit the Integrations page.)

This will bring you to the InfoTrack dashboardSelect the state your docket is in from the File & Serve column on the left. Then click the DocketSync order option below.

On the next screen, search the Case Identifier / Index Number or other identifying information that will help retrieve your case from the public docket.

When your case is found, you'll see summary information pulled from the public docket, along with a list of any available documents.

Scroll to the bottom, and review the fee (if applicable) for subscribing to these docket updates. A note explains that the fee is waived if there are no updates to the case in a given month.

Click Submit to activate the subscription.

Ending a DocketSync subscription

While it's not necessary to remember to unsubscribe from an inactive case to stop charges, users who wish to do so can review all past and present orders by clicking the DocketSync Orders button at the top of the state File & Serve screen.

From the list of DocketSync orders, click Stop Syncing next to the order you'd like to cancel.

A confirmation will appear with the case title and details. Click Stop Syncing to confirm.

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