How to add courtesy copy delivery to a filing

Courtesy copy delivery on subsequent filing orders

Some courts require physical courtesy copies to be delivered to the judge. For California filers, you can add courtesy copy delivery to your eFiling order through InfoTrack. We will print, assemble, and add proof of your eFiling submission to your courtesy copy orders. 

Step one: When placing a subsequent filing order, check the box Add Courtesy Copy Delivery on the filing page.

Step two: Enter the department or judge’s information for where the courtesy copy should be delivered and select the service level. Enter any additional delivery instructions in the text box below (optional).

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Step three: When you are ready to submit the filing, click on Validate Fees. The courtesy copy fees will be added to the fee summary at the bottom of the order.

Note: Courtesy copy delivery starts at $40.00 + $0.25/page. Urgent service can be requested for an additional $75.00.

Step four: After the final fees are calculated, click Submit.

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