Ordering a file-serve bundle in Texas

What happens when you add process serving to a new case filing in Texas

This article explains what to expect when you add process serving to your Texas case initiating eFiling. 


When filing a petition or other case initiating filing in Texas, you can add physical process serving to your order. When you add this option, we will ask you to enter all of the information you have about the intended service recipient so that we can automatically generate a draft of your service of process order for you. InfoTrack will generate your process serving order once the Court approves and returns your filing. Once generated, you must review the draft to submit, adding additional documents if required.


Reminder to add the issuance of a citation as an optional service

In most courts, the clerk will only generate a citation for you if you request that they do so via the Optional Services and Fees. 


You must select Issue Citation. Remember, you'll need to request as many citations as there are defendants in your case. 

Review stage

In many instances, the Court will return your requested citation directly. Often, this will be either electronically to the registered email address of the filing attorney or by physical mail to your law firm's address. 


You must provide InfoTrack with the citation before we can initiate the process serve. So that you have an opportunity to do this, we create a review stage in your order. Once your filing has been accepted, InfoTrack will create a draft process serving order. You will receive an email notification that the order is ready for your review. 


When you open the draft, you can edit any aspect of the order, including uploading additional documents such as the citation. 


Once you have added the additional document, you may submit your order, and we will initiate service according to the service level that you have selected.

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