How to order courtesy copy delivery

Already filed and just need to send copies? Here's how to order stand-alone courtesy copy delivery.

InfoTrack users can order printed courtesy copies of any filing for delivery to judges' chambers throughout California. 

Courtesy copies can either be added to any court filing order in California or ordered separately. Let's examine how the process works when ordering separately.

Starting your order

First, navigate to the InfoTrack dashboard, either by logging into the website or launching InfoTrack from a matter in your case or document management software.

In the File & Serve column, select California.

Across the top of the next screen, you should see buttons for several order types. Click Courtesy Copy Delivery to enter the order workflow.

Completing the workflow

If you've loaded InfoTrack from an integrated case or document management system, your matter name will already be filled in. Otherwise, complete that field and the other required case information:

  • Matter: Auto-filled if you're filing from an integrated case or document management software.
  • Court location: Only courts that accept Courtesy Copy Delivery will appear in the drop-down.
  • Case number: Important information the court needs to associate your document with an existing case.
  • Service level: Choose Standard service for the base price, or Urgent to expedite your delivery (additional fee applies)
  • Department or Judge: Use to route the delivery to a specific office in the court location.
  • Court Transaction Number: Look for this number in your court filing confirmation email.

Many courts require you to list the court transaction number of the related filing so the clerk's staff can properly associate the printed copy you've delivered. If the order was submitted in InfoTrack, you can find this information on the Order Details page.

Next, attach the document(s) you'd like to have delivered. 

If you're integrated with a case or document management system, you can use the integrated file picker to choose them directly out of your matter. Otherwise, select your document type(s) and choose the file(s) from your computer.

Your first 100 pages are included in the base price for your delivery. If the total page count for all documents exceeds 100 pages, additional charges will apply.

Finally, add instructions for how to deliver this item within the chosen court location. Here is where you should specify which judge or department to deliver to.

Note that the fee estimate below is dependent on your order zone, page count of all documents, and whether or not you requested urgent service.

When you're satisfied, click Submit to process the order.

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