Troubleshooting your Time Matters integration

Identifying and fixing problems between Time Matters and InfoTrack

Returned documents and expenses aren’t syncing back to my matter

If you are getting an error or your court-stamped documents and expenses are not syncing back to your matter, check that the eFiling service is running.

To do this, first, close Time Matters and re-open by right-clicking on the Time Matters icon and selecting Run as administrator.


Go to File > Setup > General > Program Level in your Time Matters application.

Select Links > E-filing in the left side panel, and check that the eFiling service is running. If the service has stopped, select Start Service to resume the integration with InfoTrack.

The returned document didn’t save back to the folder I selected

Syncing to custom folder locations is only available in Time Matters version 16.6 or higher. To check the version of Time Matters you are using, go to Help > System Information in your Time Matters application.

I lost my integration key

After creating an InfoTrack account, you will be automatically redirected to an instructions page with your unique firm integration key.

If you close out of the browser without copying the key you can obtain this by navigating to the eFiling setup section in program level setup and select Install.

The installation wizard contains a link to recover your integration key.

After selecting the link, log in to InfoTrack using the credentials you created your account with and navigate to your Username > Account at the top of the page.

On the account Overview tab, you will see an integration key at the top. Copy the key and paste it into the installation wizard in Time Matters.


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