Troubleshooting your Smokeball integration

Identifying and fixing problems between Smokeball and InfoTrack

I'm locked out of the InfoTrack integration

If you find yourself unable to connect to InfoTrack from within Smokeball there are two things that you can do. 

Option 1: De-authorize your InfoTrack credentials in your Smokeball settings and re-authorize again. 

In your Smokeball account, go to Settings > Integrations > InfoTrack > Deauthorize > Re-enter InfoTrack credentials > Authorize > Save

Option 2:  If your matter reference has a special character (for example *X%@) then errors may occur. Remove these characters from your matter reference to fix the issue.

Expenses and/or documents are being saved to the wrong Smokeball matter

It's important that Smokeball users only have one InfoTrack window open at a time. The best practice is to launch InfoTrack from one matter, place the order, and close out the window before continuing. 

Then move to the next matter and launch InfoTrack from that matter to place a new order. If two windows are open from two separate matters at the same time, documents and expenses may not get saved to the correct matter.

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