How do I schedule a hearing in Cook County?

Step-by-step process of scheduling hearings after eFiling in Cook County

In County, Probate, Domestic Relations, and Domestic Violence divisions

Enter your Cook County Attorney Code in the field for Case Cross Reference Number.

Continue to the Filings section and enter a filing code that relates to a "Motion".

If you are filing a summons and need a return date, or you’re not quite sure if you need a return date, uncheck the Return Date Not Applicable box, select a date, and click Verify. The system will provide you a return date if one is required. If not, it will tell you the “Return Date is Not Applicable.”

After submitting your eFiling, an option to request a hearing date will appear. Select a hearing date of your choice, and click Save. You will receive a notification when the clerk has approved your request. 

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