How do I schedule a hearing in Cook County?

Step-by-step process of scheduling hearings after eFiling in Cook County



The workflow shown below pertains to any Cook County subsequent filing types that require a hearing in County, Probate, Domestic Relations, and Domestic Violence divisions. Filing types that do not require a hearing will not trigger the Motion Type field.

From the InfoTrack Home or File & Serve screen, start a subsequent filing by choosing Search for Existing Case. Select your court, enter a valid case number, choose a search result and continue. (If you are not integrated with a case management software, you may need to enter your matter name as well.)

Then, enter your Cook County Attorney Code in the field for Case Cross Reference Number.

Continue to the Filings section and select a filing code that relates to a motion (i.e. "Notice of Motion," as pictured below). 

You'll know when you've selected an applicable code when the Motion Type field appears below the Filing Code.

When it does, select the motion type that is most applicable to your filing, as shown below. Currently in Cook County, these selections pertain to specific motion calendars available for your selected court. If you are unsure of which calendar to file into, please search "Calendars" on the Circuit Court of Cook County website for details.

After you submit your filing, an option to request a hearing date will appear on the Order Confirmation screen. 

Select a hearing date of your choice, and click Schedule

Once your scheduling request has been sent, you'll see a confirmation window appear with your requested court date, start time and end time. Please remember that this date and time are not official until they have been approved by the clerk's office.

You will receive an email notification when the clerk has approved your request. 

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