How to add and edit users on your account

Setting up your InfoTrack account with all users in the firm

An account administrator must add all new users to their InfoTrack account in order to give each person access to the integration from within your CMS/DMS. The person who initially set up the account will be an administrator by default.

Log in to your InfoTrack account, and click on the name of your firm in the top right of the main navigation, then click Edit details

The Details screen will display an overview of your firm's information, including address and terms. Click Users in the tab at the top and click Add User on the next screen and enter the details of each user.

To edit an existing user, find their names by scrolling or searching and click the edit button on the right-hand side. 

Firms that plan to eFile in Illinois, Indiana, Texas, and some California courts must also enroll each user in the court's backend system. Learn more>>

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