Toubleshooting Invalid Filer TaxID and Password messaging within Easysoft CDF and HUD

Identifying and fixing problems between Easysoft and InfoTrack

If you are prompted with the error message Invalid Filer TaxID and Password after selecting submit on a 1099-S filing you may be using a tax ID or password that does not match InfoTrack's internal system.

The Tax ID # entered under Filer Information on the 1099-S Submission box should be the firms EIN or SSN. If you identify the Tax ID # is not the firms EIN or SSN you can correct this information by canceling out of the 1099-S Submission box and clicking on Edit Filer Information. Correct the firms Tax ID # information from within the pop-up and select OK.

Once you have corrected the firms Tax ID information try submitting the 1099-S filing again.

If the Tax ID # in the submission box is correct, you may be attempting to use an incorrect Password. If you believe you are using the incorrect InfoTrack Password, please contact InfoTrack's Helpdesk for support.

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